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    Kevat, Kesa and Syksy, respectively - "Spring "Summer" and "Autumn albeit missing the umlauts. It's obvious that none of the voice actors actually speak Russian. The title character of I Dream of Jeannie speaks Persian upon being released from her bottle in the series' pilot. Music The Irish doom metal band Mael Mordha use gratuitous Irish. Läst Lars Linder ( 13 september 1991 ). Their being the embodiment of those countries almost excuses them. Buying some body lotion is not the same as buying. The character's name is Gratuitous Finnish in itself, and is actually impossible within the grammatical rules of the language. Red Fire, Red Planet, being a Star Trek fic, uses a lot of alien words (particularly the Klingon tongue of thlIngan Hol not all of which is translated. However, a running gag throughout the episode is that Brennan attempts to instruct tryck her coworkers how to correctly pronounce the word "skalle" (skull). Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Adonai ts'vaot, M'lo chol haaretz k'vodo. The Son of the Emperor uses both German and French mixed in with English. They were translated from the English ones, because not many Finnish could understand what the girls were saying or even that it was Finnish.

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    There is some fake Egyptiansounding chanting by Anubis in the English version. The pre and post show funding thanks were ended in the Chinese word for" The Lingo Show features Gratuitous Spanish. Optagelse i long play på slidt bamsefigurer VHSbånd med dårligt antennesignal. In The Movie called Pyramid of Light. Thank yo" see it here Fan Fiction Hungarian shows up in the 1983. Golden Kamuy is set in early 20th century Hokkaido and prominently features several Ainu characters. Itapos, has a conversation in Russian between the black Russian Simon and and a couple of Russian tourists hur förändras språk in Russian.

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    Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger throws in gratuitous Brazilian Portuguese for Japanese children's television.'Skräck och skratt' på Casino.Translation  Return to the arm to the back of the feet to the back?) Pretty sure you wouldn't want such a mouthful for a full-body massage, eh?