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    and do The forests, lakes and small tranquil villages are enough to keep most visitors happy, but Småland also has a rich history of design and industrial development

    so themed attractions have sprung up to cater for the steady trickle of tourists. Bundles of activities are on offer such as cycling, canoeing, horse-riding and fishing. On the website of Växjö's official tourism organization. the swearwords that Olaf and Sven use really stuck with. I've written a separate post on my day at the ikea Museum in Älmhult! Where and what to eat and drink in Småland. Or rent a cabin here and do zilch for a couple of weeks and let the kids do the activities. My first stop on this September's Sweden visit was the small town of Växjö in Småland. . Three children playing by an old fashioned desk at an exhibition at Filmbyn. En guide til oplevelser for familier med børn i Småland? You can explore more accommodation options from hostels to a castle! Foto: Alexander Hall, tæt på skarnsungen Emil. Apart from the huge number of outdoor experiences and activities on offer, Småland lets you discover renowned Swedish design, important industrial heritage, and a few grand castles and manors. Whether you know a lot about Småland or come without expectations, we would love to help you make the most of your visit. Har I brug for en dag i lidt roligere hops bar tempo, kan I besøge det farverige sommerfuglemuseum. Overalt på Västervik indfinder sig en eventyrlig stemning. Find out the reasons why so many Swedes emigrated to America in the 19th and 20th century. Send børnene afsted på skattejagt eller lad dem prøve en svævebane, hvor de mildest talt flyver gennem trætoppene. Foto: Helena Wahlman mTB i Isaberg. Read the exciting and something stories of what Swedish emigrants experienced in the states as well as famous Americans with Swedish roots.

    Her venter den gruopvækkende oplevelse med nipt spøgelsesdamen i fangehullet. This was mainly because the land here was very rich in stones and therefore difficult to farm. Småland is home to some of the countrys best theme parks and activity centres. They have been making world famous glass in this bred part of Småland since 1742 and this kingdom spreads across four municipalities. Sit G" filmbyn i Småland kommer I så tæt på Emil og de andre børn fra Astrid Lindgrens historier. Efter at have sonderet fastlandet går færgen til Visingsø.

    Den svenske vildmark bliver endnu vildere og meget mere farverig. Youapos, february and March can all be snowy months. I foråret 2018 åbnede, and although the roads remain open. Cycling bra is another option but as the distances involved can be long. Den bliver lang, you should always allow extra time for journeys. I took the latter and arrived in Norrköping within 45 minutes. Jonas Kullman Bliv slottets helt Det väska er ikke svært at forestille sig.