Here s an insider tip, sweden is just as beautiful during winter as summer. 2019!
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    are currently not in Sweden, local embassies, consulates or Swedish communities may have it, too. Sarek National Park in Lapland. And if you are already outside, why not start

    a snowball battle or challenge yourselves of who is building the tallest snowman? For the more adventurous travellers, you can go hiking in the Sarek National Park where trails are more demanding and youll need to put your igloo-building and winter camping skills to the test. Book customized packages by expert agents on TravelTriangle. You can also try sweden winter your hand at traditional candle making as well as check out the market at Skansen, the worlds oldest open air museum. Grab your friends or the book you wanted to read for so long and go to your favorite cozy café. Best holiday experience Guaranteed. #9 Go snowmobiling across frozen rivers Get off the well-worn road and try an invigorating ride across the frozen Kalix River, Lule River or Torneträsk in Swedish Lapland. You dont want your arm or leg broken due to inappropriate footwear, do you? Find out how nature is turned into a unique hotel, featuring artist-designed ice suites. Alternatively, you could also try ice fishing some time. . Therefore, I would recommend getting up early so you can spend some time outside when it is light. Unless you are living in the very South of Sweden, chances are the next ski lift is not too far away. First of all, you can go still go hiking in the nature even when it gets a bit colder or snowy. Over centuries sweden winter the native Sami herdsmen have mastered techniques to travel through this land. . Light Unfortunately, the lack of light we experience in Scandinavia during winter can have severe consequences on your body. Even though that may be really obvious, some tend to forget about that. Generally, it can be said that you should always eat regularly and well-balanced food containing all the nutrients our body needs. I can already tell you in advance that you can calm down now, you will make it through this season, promise! Basically, you could just go skiing before or after school or during a day off without having to drive forever. Many companies run dog sledding tours, from daytrips to multi-day expeditions with Siberian Huskies. Impressive ice sculptures adorn the hotel, the Icebar promises celebratory drinks and the traditional Sami Cuisine, snowmobiles, reindeer and huskies are available for Arctic safaris while the bedrooms give you beds made of ice with quilts made of reindeer skin. Young kids making snow angels/ Photo Credit: Carolina Romare/ fika! Moreover, as soon as the snow canons are running on the hills or it is actually snowing, you can also put on your boots and go skiing or snowboarding. These light curtains of green, red and purple often dance across the sky from October to March and, depending on weather conditions, can be viewed from anywhere in northern Sweden. They might get wet so you better want to have a backup! Sip chilled vodka (or fruit juice if you prefer) from frozen ice glasses served in the Absolut Ice Bar, take in elaborate sculptures carved from ice, or even get married in the Ice Chapel. Dog sledding in Lapland/ Photo Credit: Anna Öhlund/ If that is a bit off-budget, you could visit your next riding stable and take a tour on a horse through winterwonderland Horseback riding in winter in Lapland/ Photo Credit: Anna Öhlund/ Swedes really love Sauna from the bottom.

    How about making an international potluck dinner, katharina, things that you are only able to do during winter. Check out Usisiphos post and he will convince you otherwise. The winter wonderland that Sweden becomes during the months of December to April promises many surprises for the nature and adventure aficionados. This is vital in order to perform chemical processes inside our body and keep our blood and bones healthy I am not a scientist. Together with hot coffee or tea you will have the perfect soul food for winter days. Tip, candles decoration Photo Credit, best location to view the Northern Lights Abisko National Park due to the presence of the Blue Hole. Boots with fake fur are extra warm. Selection of winter shoes and a pair of thermo socks Photo Credit. Lucia is wearing a long white gown and candles on her head.

    Here are 10 reasons to spend winter in, sweden.Sweden s climate is by no means tropical, but winter in Sweden doesn t have to be as bad as you think.

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    Because it is bilstol isofix dark anyways, thermo clothing insulates your body, i can definitely recommend that you enjoy the small things. Lola Akinmade Åkerström 5 Experience Sami culture. Coziness at home Photo Credit, have you ever experienced a true winter and familjehytt silja galaxy have some survival tips to share.

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