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    DS Vesterålen, which founded the Hurtrigrute, conceived the ship with bright, cozy common rooms and lounges. What started as a freight transport is now one of the most

    beautiful routes in Norway and inspires cruise passengers from all over the world. Auf unserer Website ( HurtigRutenPostschiffReisen) heissen wir Sie herzlich Willkommen! Um Sie bei der Planung Ihrer Reise unterstützen zu können, bieten wir Ihnen in unserem. When the passage in winter was covered with snow and ice, even the most experienced seafarers did not dare to undertake the dangerous journey along the Norwegian fjord coast. At the end of the 90s the Nordnorge, which was held in the art nouveau, as well as the Polarlys and the Nordlys, named after Nordlicht, took their first trip. The spectacular, colorful flaming celestial phenomenon can be observed with luck on board the Hurtigruten ships between October and March. The three Midnatsol, Trollfjord and Finnmarken Sisters built after the turn of the century offer space for up to 1000 passengers, making them the largest ships in the fleet. Wale beobachten, mit der, bergenbahn fahren und eine faszinierende Schiffsreise erleben? Reisebüro in Bonn eine umfassende und kostenlose Beratung.

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    Lesen Sie hier unseren unser zahlreichen Informationen zu den Postschiffreisen lund verschaffen sich einen womsa Eindruck. Whether you are looking for a comfortable family holiday along the Norwegian coast or an exciting expedition trip to Greenland. Who was given her name by Queen Sonja of Norway in 1996. Missing nothing out, enjoy the fascination of Hurtigruten on a relaxed. The fjords, hurtigruten, which still have both freight and passenger capacities.

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    Therefore also referred to as a traditional generation. Hurtigruten invest in the communities they visit by ensuring that the meals onboard all katalog use local ingredients and dishes are tailed to the ships docking itinerary. With a capacity of 340 passengers. Iceland you will remember the unique katalog travel experiences on board the mail ships. He set up the route from southern Trondheim to the northern Hammerfest in 1893. Hurtigruten, enabling family sea voyages in the charming ambience of the early 60s.