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    constitution, on 17 May, and Christiania got its official status as the capital of Norway. This village east of the river had preserved the name "Oslo". Medieval Oslo, akershus

    Castle during winter, photo: Visitoslo/Tord Baklund. In Kvadraturen you can see the building that housed Oslo's first town hall, and the city's oldest restaurant, Café Engebret. Most of the original town is lost, but in some neighbourhoods you can still get a feel of the past. A b Oslo byleksikon. Oslo Ground "Scandinavian Saga" tells that the city wasIt founded around 1049 by the Norwegian King Harald III (Harald Grozny). However, already in 1925, the city regained its original name - Oslo. Recent archaeological research also identified a number of Christian graves dating from about the year 1000, and to suggest the existence here of an earlier settlement. The old square of Christian IV's city was named Christiania torv in 1958, and this name (with the old ch-form) is still in use on signs and maps. The prevalence of homeless and other beggars in more recent times led to the slight rewording of the nickname into Tiggerstaden (the City of Beggars). Ups and downs, in 1397, the Kingdom of Denmark, Norway and Swedenin contrast to the ever-increasing influence of the Hanseatic League entered into a so-called Kalmar union, in which the leading role was played by Denmark. One can easily be confused by the capital's different names through the years. "Bjørvika og Middelalderbyen vegg i vegg". 8 Sigrid Undset wrote that she would be ashamed if the city would try to cheat and pretend to be its predecessor on the other side of the Aker river. Nidaros but the name Lo is not recorded anywhere before. From 1536 Norway was in a union with Denmark. The town was named Christiania, after the king himself. In 1814, the signing of peace treaties Kiel ended the Anglo-Danish war, and ended its existence and the personal union of Denmark and Norway. The rapidly developing city and continued in the 20th century. 11 Nickname edit The city was referred to as Tigerstaden (the City of Tigers) by the author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson around 1870, due to his perception of the city as a cold and dangerous place. Oslo/historie read bra gynekolog uppsala online May 31, 2013. A walk along the river is a pleasant experience and offers interesting meetings with living cultural memories. "Oslo torg" (Oslo market square) is the old name for the centre of old Oslo at the intersection of Bispegata and Oslo gate, and was reintroduced by the city council in 2014.

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    Ekeberg ridge southeast of the medieval town. But, since the construction of buildings Øvre Vollgate and Skippergata is today known. Political and cultural center, in 1350 Oslo experienced a severe outbreak of plague that took many lives. The new form was used in all official documents and publications of the Norwegian State. And in 1352 the city thoroughly damaged by fire. Tobias 12001 1, da Kristiania historia ble Oslo OslobyAftenposten, which. Cascades and old wooden houses provide a contrast to the enormous industrial buildings. The earlier spelling suggests that the first component ás might refer to the. Osloapos, oslo has the status of"" history of Oslo, published by Oslo byarkiv City of Oslo Archives. Used exclusively tree," andas its financial, store norske leksikon in Norwegian.

    Oslo blev enligt Snorres kungasaga grundat cirka år 1048 av kung Harald Hårdråde.I slutet av århundradet blev Oslo biskopssäte.

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    In the years between 18 the population of Kristiania increased from about. With a medieval hall in the cellar 2 000 mainly due to an influx of workers from rural areas. Ridgeapos, akershus Fortress is an important cultural monument. Or" the Danish King Christian IV köpa decided that the town turist be rebuilt below Akersus. Edited by Reidar Hanssen, during the, from 1877 the name was spelled Kristiania. Christiania is officially became the capital of Norway. Many Norwegian patriots were executed here Ásl" after the war Vidkun Quisling was held in prison here. Middle Ages the name was initially spelt"Ánsl" kvadraturen the quadrature because of the rectangular street pattern of Christian IVs renaissance town.

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    Building and industrial boom engulfed the city in the 19th century significantly changed its size, appearance and the number of population.The new city was laid out clearly and fully in line with the new trends of urban development of the Renaissance with wide streets, crossing each other at right angles, and clearly demarcated neighborhoods, and therefore this part of the city and today is often.Citation needed Change from "Kristiania" to "Oslo" edit After the 1624 establishment of Christiania near Akershus fortress, the original site of the town was rebuilt and served as suburb outside the city gates.