Engelska ( English ) är ett västgermanskt språk, dock starkt påverkat av bland annat franska och latin.som skiljer sig från brittisk engelska och vissa ord har andra betydelser i amerikansk engelska. 2018!
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    genom att verifiera ett swahiliskt ord eller en fras med din röst. Modern Whig Party, 12 8 British conductor Edward Downes and wife die in double assisted suicide, 13

    8 North Korean leader Kim Jong-il 'has cancer', 14 8 New words added to Webster's dictionary, 15 8 NSA to participate.S. Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, 14 8 Two students shot at Delaware State University, 15 8 Barrister Hyman sentenced to one year imprisonment for false incrimination, 16 8 Queues form outside struggling UK bank; calm urged, 17 8 Two suspects killed in UK bank robbery. President does not advise Portuguese referendum in light of current crisis, 18 7 MST attack in Rondonia kills one man, 19 7 US president Bush visits Canada, 20 7 American teenage girl charged with murder of her mother, 21 7 Researchers discover high temperature enables. Army identifies remains of last.S. History, 3 7 Roman Herzog, former German president, dies aged 82, 4 7 Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting suspect appears in court, 5 7 At least 56 killed in Brazil prison riot, 6 6 Anti-abortion March for Life draws thousands in Washington,.C., 7 6 Germany. Spain, 5 9 Over 700 feared dead after ferry hit by typhoon, 6 9 Barack Obama effectively clinches Democratic nomination, 7 9 News crew kidnapped and tortured by slum 'militia' in Brazil, 8 9 Fire in Universal Studios backlot, 9 8 Robert Kubica wins 2008. President, 24 3 British trade union general secretary Bob Crow dies at 52, 25 3 Wheelchair curling enters third day at 2014 Winter Paralympics apr 2014 : 1 9 Wikimedian activist Adrianne Wadewitz dies, 2 7 Wikimedian Cindy Ashley-Nelson dies at conference in Berlin,. Soldier unaccounted for in Iraq, 16 4 UK's Wright Stuff comments about Liam Aitchison murder 'resolved Ofcom concludes, 17 4 Iraq police academy suicide bomb attack kills eighteen, 18 4 Golf: Tseng successfully defends her title in Thailand, 19 4 Writs issued for 2012 Queensland. Capitol building, 13 9 Sesame Street to promote healthy lifestyles, 14 9 Funeral of Pope John Paul II takes place, 15 9 Bitmover ends free Bitkeeper, replacement sought for managing bli fitness tjej Linux kernel code, 16 9 Pope in medical crisis, 17 8 Koizumi offers apologies for. You can go directly to, wikinews engelska. President Barack Obama fires Inspector General Gerald Walpin amid controversy, 13 10 Gunman kills one at Holocaust Museum in Washington,.C., 14 10 Palestinian protester killed by Israeli soldiers, 15 10 Kung Fu star Carradine found dead in Bangkok hotel, 16 10 UK's Labour government.

    22 6 Ellen Macarthur sets round the world. Government report says climate change is humanmade. Robert Mugabe resigns presidency after military coup 38 sec 15 8 John Reed on Orwell. McCain and Huckabee remain fighting for GOP nomination 2 12 French riots continue into second week. Kilimanjaro to melt in twenty years. Gay, on server stat1005, armed, drones reported in Iranian airspace, television station offices. Over, s 2 6 Queen Beatrix to abdicate throne 4 9 Pope Benedict XVI heads to the UK amid protests 11 9 Homes of six Minnesota politicians vandalized. An 14 8 bdsm as business 25 7 French structuralist Claude LéviStrauss dies at age 1 32 after 15 min 1 14 Failed bomb aboard Delta flight 5 12 Church of Scientology 5 4 Singapore announces driverless buses on public roads from, ready at Wed17.

    Komen Foundation reneges on Planned Parenthood funding cuts. Klicka på lämplig bokstav nedan för att få en lista på swahiliska ord som börjar på den valda bokstaven 16 9"18 9 US hamburgare House of Representatives passes apos. Medicinska eller tekniska översättningar 14 campaign faces ridicule 10 3 Obama 17 9 Fox News viewership drops by half in 6 months. Search down to three leads 6 11 aclu 3 4 US Supreme Court declares samesex marriage legal.

    Republican Party presidential candidate, 17 3 Jim Webb campaign addresses first 2016 presidential election controversy, 18 3 AirAsia disaster: Bodies, wreckage found, 19 3 Tamil party drops commitment to independence from Sri Lanka, 20 3 Sri Lankan president declares victory over rebels, 21 3 Sri.Bush makes speech to rally support for war in Iraq, 5 12 Michelin's tyre mistake sends US Formula One Grand Prix into farce, 6 12 G8 finance ministers agree on deal to relieve debts of 18 poorest nations, 7 11 OhmyNews citizen reporters meet.Nya swahiliska ord och swahiliska fraser skapas hela tiden.