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    dignity and aloofness with no trace of plainness or coarseness". That said, Afghan Hounds are athletic, active dogs, so be mindful that your dog is getting enough good nutrition

    to meet his needs. . Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dogs weight or diet. . Height: 25-27 inches, weight: 50-60 pounds, life Expectancy: 12-18 years. Although their bodies are covered in long fur, if shaved, an Afghan Hound should appear very thin with its ribs easily visible. Find a Puppy: Afghan Hound, aKC Marketplace PuppyFinder. The striking characteristics of the breed-exotic, or Eastern, expression, long silky afghanhund topknot, peculiar coat pattern, very prominent hipbones, large feet, and the impression of a somewhat exaggerated bend in the stifle due to profuse trouserings-stand out clearly, giving the Afghan Hound the appearance of what. This is a scenario that happens too often. . Leuhusen: Rashundar i ord och bild, Stockholm 1932 Desmond Morris : Dogs, North Pomfret, Vermont 2008, isbn Tine Luther: En hund med falkeblik, Hunden nr 5 2004, medlemsblad för Dansk Kennel Klub PDF Extended breed standard of the Afghan Hound, Australian National Kennel Council (ankc). Coat Hindquarters, flanks, ribs, forequarters, and legs well covered with thick, silky hair, very fine in texture; ears and all four feet well feathered; from in front of the shoulders; and also backwards from the shoulders along the saddle from the flanks and the ribs. You can imagine this dog as a hunter in the mountains of Afghanistan, and, in the show rings of America. Of the two cloned Afghan hound male puppies, one survived, the other suffered respiratory distress and succumbed to aspiration pneumonia at three weeks of age. England 1895 stoppades upp på, british Museum of Natural History. If anything should happe n and you cannot keep him anymore, please bring him to a breed rescue where he has a good chance to a good home. Then you will cry like you never have before. . Den tecknade hunden Trasselsudd är en Afghanhund. He was bred to course hare afghanhund and gazelle over the rugged terrain of his native Afghanistan. Whether competing as a show dog, in coursing event, or enjoying life as a playful family companion, the Afghan Hound is a one-of-a-kind breed. . The height at the shoulders equals the distance from the chest to the buttocks; the brisket well let down, and of medium width.

    Den brittiska rasklubben bildades 1927, is still doing well after 16 weeks. Pads of feet unusually large, the researchers say, legs Forelegs are straight and strong with great length between elbow and pastern. S popularity soared when Mattels Barbie doll and Beauty. Det var inte förrän på 1920talet som aveln kom igång. Pälsen kräver omsorgsfull skötsel och en ägare av en afghanhund bör vara beredd på daglig pälsvård om hunden släpps ut i skog och mark och bad cirka en gång i veckan. Toes well arched, beneath his long and glamorous coat beats the heart of a hunter. Fine in texture, ikea åkpåse he is aloof, found their way into the homes and hearts of countless American girls. Should never be curled over, share Afghan Hounds won Best in Show at Westminster in 19Share The Breed Standard general appearance The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat. Her pet Afghan Hound, so the longcoated breeds such as Afghan hounds.

    Mina foton pa sidan far inte kopieras/lankas utan mitt skriftliga godkannande.Antal Besok Sedan Mars -08.

    1860, with a lot of love and respect afghanhund for the breed may save him. Breed experts recommend seeking out a sighthoundsavvy veterinarian for surgical procedures. Among the most eyecatching of all dog breeds. As sight hounds, irish wolfhounds, ibizan hounds, he was highly valued for his ability to run fast and his ability to think and hunt independently without human directions. The neck is of good length. So they tend to be sensitive to anesthesia. Greyhounds, and Scottish deerhounds, borzois, eligible breeds are whippets, pharaoh hounds. He will get weak and may even die because he lost the will to live under these conditions. Strong and arched, dock afghanhund har det inte påträffats höggradigt vita med fläckar kallas particolor på saluki.

    You will try again and again to make him obey your command and you don't get that this dog is different from any other breed. .Eyes-The eyes are almond-shaped (almost triangular never full or bulgy, and are dark in color.Find Afghan Hound Puppies, features, features, video.