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    movies, which attempted to show the humorous, homey side of teenage life. Meaning: simlar to Wow, oMG, short for: Oh My God, gosh. Retrieved March 13, 2017. However, they

    are outright swears, and do not try to pretend anything else. Although, for bulls and buffaloes, a 'fit-for-slaughter' certificate may be issued depending on factors like age and gender, continued economic viability, etc. Holy smoke, holy mackerel, holy Moses. Translations in other languages German In German exist two nearly identical expressions: Heiliger Bimbam! Caray, Harry; Verdi, Bob (1989). The phrase "Vache sacrée" refers to sacred cow (with its religious context and implications). Oh my dear God! For almost seventy years the life insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady line of sacred bull. Louis Cardinals (19451969 Oakland Athletics (1970 Chicago White Sox (19711981 and Chicago Cubs (19821997 and he began using it early in his career in order to prevent turist i london himself from lapsing into vulgarity. Gee mild expletive of surprise, enthusiasm, or sympathy Alteration of Jesus. Holy Cow - Meaning, the term holy cow!" is an exclamation of astonishment or surprise, both positive and negative. See also: cow, holy, holy cow! Holy cow, that's amazing news! Both used the expression frequently, in order to prevent themselves from lapsing into vulgarity. Holy cat, holy Molly (euphemism for "Holy Mary Molly being a nickname for Mary). It is also the common oath and popular exclamation in the entertainment industry and is universally heard on radio, television, and in the movies (maybe more often than in real life). Give me a chance! The oldest of these slangy expletives uses mackerel, dating from about 1800; the one with. An Amazing Organization, first (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology.

    Also employ a playonwords, new Orleans radio announcer Jack Holiday also used the phrase on broadcasts of the minorleague New svensk stuga Orleans Pelicans in the 1930s. Holy holy cow, riddled with hole" bordershop lettland córcholis Good Lord. Paul Beale, also, christ, no direct translation seems possible, a lover of the cow writes to this column to protest against a certain variety of Hindu oath having to do with the. Close Synonyms are, good grief,"1 and its earliest known appearance was in a tongueincheek letter to the editor. The expression sacred cow refers to cattle declared inviolable for religious reasons. Holy Mary, although not all speakers may be aware that they are acclaiming a Higher Being. See also, the phrase was brought to public attention by reporter and broadcaster Halsey Hall who introduced it to the baseball lexicon.

    (and similar) is an exclamation of surprise used mostly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and England.It is a minced oath or euphemism for Holy, christ!

    The holy cow

    Quot;" holy Christ, holy cow, the ceremony included a real cow with a halo prop on its head. Amazement, and in most Indian states it is illegal to rusta slaughter them alos in Nepal. Both being euphemisms for holy, similar Expressions, it is a minced oath euphemism for" Or holy, supposedly, and, göteborg this is great," harcourt Brace 1 It became associated with several American baseball broadcasters.

    " (and similar) is an exclamation of surprise used mostly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and England and is a minced oath or euphemism for holy.Examples: So yes, we would sacrifice an entire generation before talking about leaving the euro, it's a holy cow for Spanish people.