We are planning to make a roadtrip to, norway this summer and. 2018!
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    get you discounts at a number of different places within the country. The truth is that most people taking a trip to the country can afford the finer things

    in life, but there are a range of ways to allow your budget to stretch a bit further. The average hostel and hotel in Norway will offer you a breakfast, but the rest of the meals for the day will be on you. The road offers several viewing points where you can take amazing pictures for your Instagram account and has even been featured in several National Geographic magazines and Hollywood movies. More like this., This video is about Roadtrip in Norway! If youre interested in fjords and mountains, including Geirangerfjord, Trollstigen, and the Atlantic Road, fly into Ålesund. One of your largest expenses while traveling through Norway will be food. Pack rain gear and warm clothing Even if youre visiting Norway in the summer, youll need some warm clothing especially if you be driving up into the mountains. The good news is, if youre traveling with multiple people, renting a car in Norway is going to be a lot cheaper norge roadtrip than relying on public transport here. You can see all my accommodation guides here. Take this road trip through Fjord Norway and experience the beauty of the scenery. The road is toll free and is 8,2. Paying for a new tyre wont break the bank, but an evacuation with a helicopter will. Toll prices range from 18 NOK to 26 NOK, which is around 2. Take on adventurous hikes, cruise beautiful fjords, and enjoy scenery beyond belief. Norway is famous for having regions where no internet connection is available. Luckily Norway is full of airports, many of which have international flights, so Id highly recommend deciding what you want to see in Norway before choosing your flights. (Though if you only want to do Trolltunga then Bergen is closer.). I mean, with Norways nonstop breathtaking nature its kind of impossible to have a bad road trip here, but here my best tips for making yours truly epic. Amazing Tours in Norway Powered by GetYourGuide. Anyone have any tips to add? These are available in Norway, but tend to only be useful in the high traffic tourist areas. Other alternatives are to stick with ordering food from local restaurants to share with the rest of your crew. Norwegian Gas Prices The cost of fuel is forever rising and in Norway, you can expect to pay over 6 per gallon of gasoline. All may not be on your road trip list, but there are a few that you should definitely make time to see. Even if youre traveling on a tight schedule, it can still be worth leaving one day free. The average drink will cost around 8 each, so if you do not have the budget to hang with the high taste of native Norwegians, stay out of drinking establishments altogether. Tipping One way that many people blow their budget is by over tipping. More like this., Beatifull animals and norwegian nature. Norway, use the National Tourist Routes as a guide. Hiring a car in Norway is pretty easy. It is not always necessary to tip everyone and even the tipping rate is much lower than other countries. Road Trip Norway Itinerary, routes in Norway What Are The Best Roads?

    I never would have visited ÅnaSira if a local hadnt told me about. The most beautiful and famous of them all is tack Geiranger Fjord. More like this, or at least make sure you get a minimum of km a day. Cabins and B Bs will run between 535NOK 65 and 775NOK.

    Camping is available throughout Norway and guests can expect to pay between 242NOK 35 and 436NOK 60 at most campsites. Waterfalls and, hire a campervan, while Ive now been living in Norway for two years. Fjords, tourism Card Oslo Pass Your road trip will take you to many places throughout Norway and you will be tempted by a myriad of attractions. From till we drove total 4812 kilometers through the south and west of Norway We visited some cities. You are always covered with a basic insurance. Driving in Norway is a wonderful experience. Ive also spent most all of my summers in Norway since I was a kid visiting family here so Ive definitely learned a thing or two about the whole process of renting a car and planning. And Trolltunga probably the three most famous köket hikes in Norway fly into Stavanger.