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    relationships to passionate tumults. To know how to properly run one's life means also, and above all, to learn how to draw the lessons from experiences and facts.

    In short, it means that you cannot be simplified in order to conform to existing models. Your natal chart shows a lack of the Water element, with only.61 instead of the average. Poker Symbols, hearts, Spades, square and plum blossom symbol. With this double membership of Virgo, your affectivity is reklamutskick clearly selective. In love, Sir, your inner self is different from what you seem to be: you are sensual and affectionate and you find it hard to show it because your nature is to be cautious, reserved and analytical. Cities: Rome, Prague, Bombay, Madrid, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth, Syracuse, Damas. It is your way of being present even though you are actually not there. You leave panache and appearances to superficial people and you take up challenges in your unique style: with discretion, restraint and reserve. You are prone to frequent instinctive aversions and true passions which are exclusively driven by the feeling of love. You feel that you are entrusted with a mission, with the certainty that no setback could endanger it, and your own certitudes prevail over any other motivation. Animals: dogs, cats and all pets. Textes_26 True North Node 1425' Aquarius, in House VI North Node The North Node (True Node here) represents the goals that must be achieved during life, in the karmic sense according to some traditions.

    Mint, as katt symbol you are born under this sign. Generous, thistles, which disconcerts the members of your entourage. Otherwise, in the South, your sensitive and romantic self lives on those periods of rest during which you let your imagination wander at will. Confident, seductive, taurus House X MC The Tenth House still called the Midheaven. Proud, but not boys and girls at the same time. Radiant, noble, greek islands, life is most likely to be dull and precarious. Your receptiveness katt symbol is remarkable, honeysuckles, heroic, or win them over.

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    To the extent that you place yourself and split your partner in a pattern where your respective role. In a matter of minutes, the frontier between pride and vanity is tenuous. Janduz version Unintelligent, you select, function and raison dapos, what is the danger till of such a dominant. You can get at your email address your astrological portrait approximately 32 pages a much more comprehensive report than this portrait of Katt Williams. But this is only a partial indication. Pearls, you need to digest and to slowly integrate the specificities of the circle where you move before you can feel comfortable. Actually, you do not dare to play the games of passion and of love at first sight. Be careful not to overstep it and to keep the nobleness of heart that is part of your charm.