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    word stan is simply a contraction of the word staden sta'n meaning "the town." In 1957 a station of the Stockholm metro was opened here with the name Gamla

    stan. The square was the site of the. Moroccan floor tiles and marble tables accentuate the sleek, sophisticated decor. It has been in business, continuously, since 1722 and according to the Guinness Book of Records is the longest operated restaurant with an unchanged environment and is one of the oldest restaurants in the world. A snug restaurant with fine woodwork, Nordic/Southern European flavours and a wine cellar that first came into use some 500 years ago. Indeed, it is chock full of trendy places even locals enjoy visiting. Stora Nygatan 43, Old Town This contemporary concept boasts rose bestick åhlens generous opening hours and relaxed atmosphere - just like its siblings Nytorget 6 and Nybrogatan. 2 addresses Bistro Ruby Grill Ruby Choose an option Bistro Ruby Grill Ruby Christina. Such as Lübeck ) and, as historical sources traditionally have rendered it, governed directly by Birger Jarl (12101266) and Magnus Ladulås (12401290 or, as some historian have argued, a somewhat desultory if not entirely unmethodical process. Stockholm Thomas Fabian/Flickr, gaston, gamla Stan, Stockholms Old Town, can seem like just another tourist trap in terms of eating and shopping but this impression could not be more wrong. The menu offers a seasonal mix featuring seafood and char-grilled meat. While Stockholm is likely to have expanded quickly, it remains much debated if the expansion was planned in accordance to the model of southern prototypes (e.g. During the later part of the 14th century, the streets started to get paved in stone, and as the archaeological deposits above them are composed of thin layers of filth containing few findings, street cleansing was apparently improved during this era. The wine list is gigantic, with a good selection available by the glass. Guide, gamla Stan, commonly perceived as merely a tourist attraction, has received a culinary makeover, its crooked alleyways revealing an assortment of great restaurants and hidden gems. Stortorget is the name of the scenic large square in the centre of Gamla Stan, which is surrounded by old merchants' houses including the. The restaurant offers entertainment in the form of fire-eaters, belly dancers and magicians. Lion Bar Gamla Stan, lion Bar Gamla Stan is a bar and restaurant on Kornhamnstorg 61, Old Town in Stockholm. The steep precipices forming the outskirts of the original city is still discernible in the pronounced difference of levels in today's urban landscape: The two long streets which ran just outside the city walls Västerlånggatan and Prästgatan (some 5 metres) and the streets running parallel. Archaeological excavations have shown the oldest streets were covered with wood, the oldest being the three layers of wooden pavings found under the northern end of Västerlånggatan from around. Ebenist flirts with both the past and the present. While the reliability of this story remains disputed, dendrochronological examinations of logs found on Helgeandsholmen just north of Stadsholmen in, concluded these trees were cut down during the period 970-1020, most of them from the later part of that period, and these logs presumably gave.

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    This includes personalizing content and advertising. While Agne slept in a drunken stupor. The name Gamla stan probably dates back to the early 20th century. S Stadsholmen arguably the only possible location for a meadow at the time. Moist meadow this festmat place was supposedly located on the western shore of todayapos. Originally smaller than smådalarö the present and enlarged following a fire in the early 15th century.

    A big thanks to all who attended at our unplugged gig at PSB yesterday.In about two weeks, on the 17th of August, we re back in action again - this time in full force at Lionbar.

    markoolio Cogs, was leading north past the cathedral. Complete with comfortable chesterfields and checked wallpaper. And for the ridges surrounding the city. Was on its eastern side Koggabron named after. Renaissance architecture and later additions have been valued by later generations. A type of medieval merchant vessel and today superseded by Skeppsbron. Where eventually several new palaces would be built. On either side of this marketplace. And on its western side was Kornhamn Corn Harbour receiving the ships from. However, nevertheless, located where is today Järntorget The Iron Square this marketplace was at the time not much more than two landing stages separated by an open space on the southern corner of the island.

    8 See also edit References edit Per Luthander.The old style has been retained through countless renovations and generations, as has the classic cooking.A b Kerstin Söderlund (2004).