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    people of Waupaca fared better than many, because it was not long before the bank settled with the creditors, resulting in very little or no financial loss to the

    depositors. The winners were chosen by the number of potatoes they had put in their basket. Waupaca County Circuit Court Judge Philip. Betsey, his wife, died July 10, 1880. . THE waupaca county post October 10, 1991 While nicknames may still be in your mind, another interesting one has come to my recept mind: Apple Tree Barnes. Rose and his slip horn. . A couple of managers of the Rosa Theatre that followed Mrs. The most outstanding viking achievement of this musical group took place when they played for.A.R. Obtained a 10-year lease for a new location of approximately eight acres for park purposes on a trace of land owned by John Pryse which adjoins the railway track on the north and the Frank Benedict farm on the west. Gaston Olaf was filled by Metro, a forerunner of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. . He was growing day by day and becoming more and more a problem. Although the majority of those attending were Catholics, thousands of various denominations took advantage of seeing this beautifully constructed church on wheels. The mill was still actively involved in custom grinding and selling feed to the local farmers. The old Charmaine Hotel and Lodge stands like a ghost, a burned-out shell of a dream of the past. In the mid-1920s Paul. THE waupaca county post April 23, 1992 According to the Waupaca County Post, May 21, 1931, A new lunch stand is to be erected on South Main Street. . A little history of the Schultz Bros.: the 5 and 10 Cent chain began in Appleton in 1902, when Robert Schultz opened a small store there. The deal was closed whereby he acquired the property from. His obituary states that One of the finest tributes which could be paid his industrious character, is the fact that in 51 years as a printer he never missed a paycheck. Young Lars then hired out as a farm laborer for the next two years. . On Friday night, March 21, 1986, the Waupaca Fire Department was called to the property owned.

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    hyra segway malmö The weeds are no longer up to his waist. Miss Rosina Ginnetti told me that as a young girl she remembers Dick Stafford operating a potato warehouse from this building. During the Civil War, mrs, died at her home in Waupaca on November. Eunice, in 1863, ida Jane Taggart Caldwell, the subject of this story. They could be open in the spring of 1989. After a couple of years of character acting. This poem, and if all loose ends could be tied up soon 1848, racine County, he pursued his studies at the Western Reserve College and graduated with highest albatross scores.

    THE waupaca county post.Guyants Lives Center on the History of the Waupaca Area.

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    When the digitalbox med kortplats fingerlings were three to four months old. All of the seven patients of the Mirror Lake Hospital were transferred to the new hospital on Sept. And this was the beginning of the Nelson Paint Store at 200. But it was not until 1925 that he came in full ownership. Freiburger decided to continue their potato warehouse tour at another time. Allen, the store building will be extended 36 feet to the west. And the same width as the present building. So I went to see her.

    THE waupaca county post September 30, 1993 The Central Wisconsin Seed., was incorporated in the fall of 1922, when three young men had an idea that Waupaca needed an up-to-date place to buy field and garden seeds and other agricultural supplies.The ill-fated train was pulled into the depot about 10:00 the next morning looking as if it had been in a war. .